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An-Najah University Visits ICCP

Three architectural engineering professors and four students from An-Najah National University, located in Nablus, Palestine, visited Arizona State University to attend Green Buildings Design Workshop.  The trip started with a green building design competition among 60 An-Najah University architecture students, and the top team was selected to visit ASU for a collaborative Green Building workshop.  ICCP was pleased to have An-Najah National University professors and students visit the new mosque, pray Jumaah with our congregation and make new friends in our community.  Professors and students shared their professional architectural opinion of the new mosque and they were very impressed.  We would like to thank them for stopping by and we hope that they will be able to visit us again in the future.

An-Najah national University


From Left to right: Muhannad Haj Hussein-ANU. Imam Mahmoud Soliman-ICCP. Usama Shami-ICCP. Iyad Ghazal-ANU, Dr. Sameh Mona-ANU, Dr. Mutasim BaBa-ANU, Aya BaBa-ANU, Ghazal Jamous-ANU, Sara B’ara-ANU

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  1. It was a great opportunity to visit the center and new Masjed and to meet our brothers there. Wish all of you prosperity and well being.

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