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Arizona Grand Mawlid 1437-2015

On the 12th day of the 3rd month “Rabi’ al-Awwal” of the Islamic calendar, many Muslims commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which mark Thursday, December 24th, 2015 on the Georgian calendar. ICCP in partnership with Arizona Grand Mawlid Committee will commemorate this blessed day on Saturday December 26th, 2015, 5PM at the ICCP Masjid located on 2515 W Orangewood Ave in Phoenix, AZ 85051.

Come join us in celebrating the Prophet of Love, Mercy & Tolerance with:

  • Quran recitation
  • Educational lectures by
    • Sheikh Mahmoud Sulaiman, Imam of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix – ICCP
    • Sheikh Watheq Alobaidi, Imam of the Muslim Community Center of Tucson – MCCT
  • Islamic Nasheed in Arabic, Urdu & English
  • Dinner & Dessert
  • Babysitting available
  • Free event with open invitation

Some Muslims refrain from participating in this type of celebration, feeling it is an innovation which places too much emphasis on the human Prophet and distracts from the true divine source of revelation. ICCP view this event as an opportunity to educate our community about the Prophet (peace be upon him) way of life, which all Muslims seek to follow, learn about the character and life of the Prophet, examine the way he dealt with important moral issues, how he handled challenges, and how he responded to his enemies and his friends.

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