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ISIS is not Islam!!!

Friday Khutbah (sermon) of November 20th, 2015 at Phoenix Masjid by Imam Mahmoud Sulaiman talking about condemning ISIS in the light of the true guidance of the Quran in commanding goodness and  forbidden wickedness, translated to English Language by Dr Mounib Shaaban.

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  1. Please have more khutbahs on prayer as this is the first thing we will be judged on.

    Also please discuss and codemn racism in Islam, ad how immigrant brothers and sisters exclude revert brothers and sisters.

    Everybody is so happy and takbirs and tears go all around when someone takes their shahada but after that then what?

    Just abandon and ignore them.
    Also why dont Muslims here give salaams when in public?

    I hear women, men and children cursing in public with no shame, shyness or respect but we are ashamed to give salaams?

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