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New Masjid

ICCP New Masjid

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, encouraged us to build mosques and fill them by worshipping Allah with prayers, learning and obedience of Allah. He said: “The one who builds a mosque for the sake of Allah;Allah will build him/her a house in Paradise”

To meet the growing needs of the Muslim community in Phoenix by building a new mosque, with easy access, that can accommodate approximately 800 worshippers with supporting facilities, and convert the existing facility into a full-time Islamic school.

  • Current facility holds approximately 350 worshippers, while over 600 attend Friday Prayer.
  • Over 150 worshippers have to pray outside in the summer heat or winter cold and about 100 ladies pray in a crowded basement.
  • Tremendous growth of the Muslim community in Phoenix that requires larger praying space and more parking.
  • Number of young children requiring Islamic education is increasing tremendously.
  • The new facility which registered as a NAIT property is approximately 17,000 sq ft built on two acres, and have men’s and women’s prayer halls, kitchen, basement and a facility for washing the deceased.
  • The mosque is located on a major interstate highway (I-17) and is visible from the highway.
  • Phase I is complete and consisted of finishing the shell of the building, the parking lot, and the building fence.
  • Phase II of the project is underway, and consist of finishing the interior of the building.
  • View the New Masjid architecture plans.
New Masjid Plans
  • The projected total cost is $5,000,000. Of this amount, $4,300,000 has been raised, and about $4,000,000 has already been spent to complete Phase I of the new facility and to continue the work on Phase II.
  • Approximately $700,000 is needed to complete Air Conditioning & Duct work, Landscape & Irrigation, Bathroom Plumbing & fixtures, Elevator & Installation, Electrical & Lightning, Flooring, Paint & Furnishings, Fire Sprinkler & Alarm.
  • We would like to invite you to share in getting the reward of continuous charity by building a new house for Allah.