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Ramadan 1436 – 2015

The first day of Ramadan will be on Thursday June 18th, 2015 and Eid Al-Fitr will be on Friday July 17th, 2015 Insha’Allah. Join us every day of the month for Iftar (Dinner) and Tarawih prayers (Ramadan extra night prayer). Tarawih will start on Wednesday June 17th, 2015. ICCP follows the calculations methods of “The Fiqh Council of North America” in determining the lunar months of Ramadan and Shawwal.

Ramadan 1436 - 2015 Special Program

  • Daily Iftar (Dinner) everyday at the old Masjid, please sponsor a full or partial Iftar.
  • Short Islamic Advice will be 20 minutes before Isha’ prayer at the new Masjid followed by Isha’ & Tarawih prayer’s.
  • Isha’ prayer iqama during Ramadan is at 9:15 pm
  • Tarawih prayer: Extra prayers performed by Muslims at night in the Islamic month of Ramadan. They are not compulsory; however, many Muslims pray these prayers in the night during Ramadan. Prayer will be eight Raka’at as follows:
    • Starts with 4 Raka’at (2+2)
    • Then a short break
    • Continue prayer 4 Raka’at (2+2)
  • Witr prayer will be 3 Raka’at.
  • Every Friday & Saturday night:
    • I’tikaf all night: seclusion in the old Masjid for the purpose of worshiping Allah.
    • Qiyam prayer around 1:15 am (late night prayer).
    • Suhoor (early breakfast) after Qiyam.
  • I’tikaf all day & night during the last 10 days of Ramadan

Important Notes

  • Sunday school will be in recess during Ramadan.
  • Leave the Masjid quietly between the Tarawih breaks.
  • Volunteer to help.
  • Please read the ICCP Code of Conduct
  • Do not block the parking lot entry/exit nor the neighbors driveways, visit the Code of Conduct >> Parking Code for more information.
  • Zakat Al-Fitr is $10 per person when paid at the ICCP office, and $11 per person when paid online, Zakat Al-Fitr must be paid before Eid Al-Fitr prayer.
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