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friday 11-14-14

The practice of formal prayer in Islam.

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Friday is the holy day of the week for Muslims and it is mandatory for men to offer the early afternoon prayer, known as Jumu’ah, in congregation. During Friday lunchtime, Muslims are required to take a break from their work, or other worldly activities they are involved in, and head to the Mosques or prayer halls to offer the Jumu’ah prayer. The Jumu’ah prayer is composed of a sermon followed by two prostration (rakats) of congregational prayer. The sermons can be on a variety of topics but tend to focus on spiritual reminders to help motivate the community to do good deeds and strengthen their relationship with God. After the Jumu’ah prayer, people are free to return to their workplaces.

Friday prayer at ICCP is led by Imam Mahmoud Sulaiman or a guest speaker, the sermon in the Arabic language start at 1:00 pm followed by the English language translation and the prayer. ICCP have three different parking lots for your convenience, but you need to come early to park closest to the prayer area. Please visit the Code of Conduct >> Parking Code for more information. Visit Valley Metro website for public transportation information.

The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix will gladly conduct Islamic marriage ceremonies. The following instructions and guidelines are required to conduct an Islamic marriage. Please try to follow them and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Contact the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix ahead of time to schedule an appointment for marriage. The following individuals must be present:

  • The groom and the bride.
  • Two male Muslim witnesses.
  • A guardian (Wali) for the Muslim bride if available.

Bring the following to the appointment:

  • The original copy of the Arizona Marriage License.
  • Proper photo identification for the groom, the bride, the witnesses, and the guardian.
  • $200 donation to the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix will complete and sign the Arizona Marriage License, mail it to the Clerk of Court, and will issue an Islamic Marriage Certificate. For information and instructions on obtaining an Arizona Marriage License, please visit the Clerk of the Superior Court Website.

Talaq is the Islamic term for divorce (Dissolution of Marriage). Talaq is used to end a marriage or nikah, under the terms of Islamic law (sharia). The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix will issue an Islamic Talaq (Divorce) certificate if the following requirements has been met:

  • Certified divorce decree from a U.S court must be provided for ICCP records.
  • $200 donation to the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

For information and instructions on the divorce proceedings in the State of Arizona, please visit the Superior Court website.

Al-Rahma Cemetery

Currently, the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix is only offering the Funeral Prayer. But with our new Masjid, we will have a wash room for preparing the deceased Muslims prior to their burial according to the teaching of Islam. For now, the Islamic Community Center (ICC) in Tempe will provide the preparation and burial of deceased Muslims.


The Islamic Cemetery (Al-Rahma Cemetery) is located at:

21564 North Rahma Street Maricopa City, AZ 85239

Directions From ICCP

For Funeral Arrangements: Contact the Islamic Community Center of Tempe at (480) 894-6070 

Important Note: It is necessary to write a will which includes the funeral, burial and autopsy preference. Such a Form needs to be filled and signed by the concerned person during his/her life. This is not a legal advice, please consult an attorney.

Will Example

snapICCP now offers assistance to apply for food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. To get started and check for eligibility, please contact AbdelQadir Qassem for appointment at 602-249-0496