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The last ten days and nights in Ramadan

This is a timely Jum’ah (Friday) sermon by ICCP Imam Mahmoud Suliaman delivered today At ICCP 06-24-2016
Dear brothers and sisters of Islam, our talk today is about the last ten days and nights in Ramadan as we are about to experience them. They are the crown jewels of the nights of Ramadan, when they arrive the prophet (pbuh) celebrates the nights, wake his family and committee his soul to prayers and worships. In Saheh Muslim narrated that Aisha (mgpbwh) said, “the prophet (pbuh) use to do his best worshiping Allah in Ramadan more than any other month, and in the last ten nights of Ramadan more than any other time.”
Dear brothers and sisters, know what you are about to encounter in the coming days and nights to value and know its worth like your prophet Mohammed (pbuh) did. Among the last ten nights is the mother of all nights where blessings are in multiples, hours and minutes are precious, little worships are plenty, plenty of worships multiplies and to the one who fast and do night prayers a rewards of extended long life.
Allah said, “The Night of Power is better than a thousand Months.” and because of its blessings, the angels descend to earth, Allah said, “The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the permission of their Lord, with all decrees. (The night is) Peace until the rising of the dawn.” Al-Qadr no. 3-5
With blessings of the night of power, the hunger stricken Omah of Mohammed lives and with its peace, the battered Omah still exist east and west! And please do not ask where and when its days of peace and goodness will come, but ask when and where the Omah of Mohammed (pbuh) will wake up and know the value its faith and the greatness of its prophet and the nobility’s of what he brought of the Qur’an, Sunnah.
Dear brothers and sisters, because of the blessings and abundant rewards of the night of power, the prophet (pbuh) commanded us to seek it in the odd nights of the last ten nights or the last seven nights of Ramadan. Muslim narrated in his Saheh on the authority of Abdullah Ibn Omer (mgpbwbot) that the prophet (pbuh) said, “seek it in the last ten nights (meaning the night of power) if any of you were weak or not able, then let him not be defeated in the last seven nights of them.” This is from the love and compassion of the prophet to his Omah, he invites whoever was sluggish or unable for a reason or the other and did not celebrate the nights from the beginning of the last ten nights not to miss the last seven nights which start from the 22nd day to match with celebrating the night of the 23rd.
In another narration the prophet said “whoever is seeking the night of power let him seek it in the last seven nights.”
As the prophet commands seeking the night of power he commands celebrating it with prayers and supplications hoping and praying to harvest the rewards. Al-Bokarie and Muslim narrated on the authority of Abu Horirah (mgpbwh) that the prophet (pbuh) said, “whoever celebrates the night of power believing and expecting the rewards, Allah will forgive what has proceeded of his sins.” Glory to the one which his sins were erased and Allah forgives what transpired of his sins and shortcomings.
Dear brothers and sisters because we all are in dire need to erase our shortcomings, sins, supplicate for our needs and what we wish for, Aisha (mgpbwh) asked the prophet (pbuh) about the best to ask for in that blessed night. The prophet (pbuh) guided her to ask for forgiveness as Ahmad and Al-Termazie narrated that Aisha (mgpbwh) said, “O prophet of Allah, if I knew which night is the night of power, what is the best to ask for? The prophet (pbuh) responded saying: say, O Allah, you are forgiveness, loves forgiveness, forgive me.”
Among the ways to display humbleness, humility and modesty before the almighty Allah, the most merciful, is for the servants to seek seclusion in the house of Allah leaving people behind, seeking the creator of the heavens and earth, hoping and praying for his blessings, higher rank in heaven and be spared the hellfire following the example of the prophet (pbuh). Mohammed (pbuh) used to go in seclusion in the Mosque the last ten nights of Ramadan until he passed away.
Imam Al-Zohrie ponder in amazement, those who leave behind the Sunnah of the prophet (pbuh) in seeking seclusion in the house of Allah when they can. Ibn Hagar narrated on the authority of Ibn Al-Monzer that he said “I really wonder about Muslims! They left behind the Sunnah of going into seclusion in the house of Allah, in spite of the prophet (pbuh) never left it since his arrival to Medina until he passed away”
Perform seclusion in the house of Allah, my dear brothers and sisters and do not deprive yourself of such a high rewording opportunity. And to he who cannot perform the entire ten nights let him go into seclusion in the Mosque in Tarawih prayer and Tahajjud prayer, always being conscious and aware of the etiquette and respect of the house of Allah when you perform such a worships.
Know my dear brothers and sister that the value of deeds is measured by its last, so do your best as you finish the month of Ramadan utilizing what is left with sincere energy and extend goodness and righteousness wherever you are and wherever you go. Multiply and increase your supplication in the month of positive response from Allah the most merciful, the most generous and the most compassionate as He assures a positive response to his fasting servants. In a verse revealed in connection to Ramadan and fasting Allah said, “When My servants ask thee (Mohammed) concerning Me, I am indeed close; I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me; So let them hear My call and let them believe in Me; that they may walk the right way.” Al-Baqara no. 186.
May Allah guidance us all to harvest the rewards in coming last days of Ramadan

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